Creams and Sprays

There are a number of sprays and creams on the market that are advertised to help men last longer in bed. Some even claim to increase the size of the penis. A lot of these products are sketchy and unlikely to work (particularly the ones that claim to increase the size), but there are a few that show more promise. These creams and sprays act by numbing the penis, and are primarily designed to combat premature ejaculation rather than erectile dysfunction. However, there are some that also claim to help maintain the stiffness of an erection, so they may be found useful for impotence sufferers. These are less well-tested methods than penis pumpsconstriction rings, or pills, but they are generally cheaper and may work for some men. Below are some creams and sprays that seem the most likely to help you maintain an erection.

Stay Hard Lubricant

Sta-Erect Spray

Stiff Control Cream